[Wine] World of Warcraft - ATi 8.41.7

Daniel Burke burkey at burkeez.com
Sat Oct 6 21:16:29 CDT 2007

I just re-tested and using -nosound does not seem to make any difference.

wine WoW.exe -opengl (with or without -nosound) gives:

I can see the buttons and the particle effects at the login screen (my WTF
file has pixelshaders disabled)

wine WoW.exe (directX mode):

I can see the entire screen, but it will run, say 20 frames smoothly then
hiccup, 20 frames+hiccup etc.

Not sure if there is anything I can do to improve it, I tried setting nice
-15 but it did not seem to make much difference to it.  I also do not know
if I should not be using D3D anyway.  Lastly I tried setting SET
M2UseShaders "0" in my WTF file and openGL rendered completely but now has
the same "hiccup" problems D3D has.

On 10/7/07, Daniel Burke <burkey at burkeez.com> wrote:
> I will give it a try to see if that isolates it, pretty sure I saw it
> happen before the patch though which makes me think drivers.  I will see
> what kind of a difference it makes to it with -nosound though
> On 10/6/07, tparker <tparker at etherstorm.net> wrote:
> >
> > urke wrote:
> > > thing that has me is that this odd
> > > "CPU overload" only started happening on the 8.41.7 drivers.  Before
> > > that WoW ran ok, FPS was too low to really play properly but it ran.
> >
> > I don't have one of those cards to test this with, but if the problems
> > are post patch 2.2 then the driver may be fine. Try starting the game
> > with '-nosound' and see what that does to your FPS. There have been some
> >
> > serious CPU usage issues with WoW 2.2 and 2.22 that are still being
> > worked on. When I was testing this on my system (Nvidia graphics) I had
> > high CPU usage and horrid FPS, but with -nosound I was back up to 50-60
> > FPS. Sorry if it is the card/drivers, but since the sound overloading
> > systems is a known issue it may be worth testing.
> >
> >
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