[Wine] Polycom Communicator Drivers on Wine?

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 06:20:52 CDT 2007

Sorry if this appears twice - I sent it yesterday and it hasn't yet 
arrived so trying again:

Hi all,

I have a Polycom C100 communicator and from what I can find about it, 
the real work done to make the audio as good as it is, is done in the 
software they install on Windows XP.

It is a USB connected desktop handsfree mic/speaker device and it does 
work on Linux O.K. but I get some problems with echo when going over 
asterisk and it can be bit quiet at times. Skype seems a lot better 

Any ideas or suggestions? I did try installing the software on wine but 
it failed miserably! I recall reading something about planned USB driver 
support in wine sometime ago but have not follwed this list for a while now.


The way out is open!

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