[Wine] Polycom c100 XP software drivers on wine?

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Oct 10 13:16:18 CDT 2007

On Tuesday October 9 2007 22:48, Alan Lord wrote:
> Any ideas or suggestions? I did try installing the software on wine but
> it failed miserably! I recall reading something about planned USB driver
> support in wine sometime ago but have not follwed this list for a while
> now.

	Currently you can use only ttyUSB devices. So if your device can be found 
somewhere in /dev/ with name ttyUSB? (where "?" is a number) than there is 
good chances that you can make it work with native (Windows) program. If your 
USB device doesn't represent itself as tty device then you will not be able 
to use it with Windows software on WINE.
	For now, if you really need it, you can try VirtualBox (free), QEmu (free) or 
VMWare (non-free) to run Windows software for your USB device.

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