[Wine] Polycom Communicator Drivers on Wine?

Duane Clark fpga at pacbell.net
Thu Oct 11 13:03:40 CDT 2007

Alan Lord wrote:
> Duane Clark wrote:
>> Alan Lord wrote:
>>> Sorry if this appears twice - I sent it yesterday and it hasn't yet 
>>> arrived so trying again:
>> If you are not subscribed to the list with the email address that you 
>> have in the "From" header (and alanslists... is not subscribed), then 
>> the email goes to a queue to wait for a moderator to manually "approve" 
>> it. If you use an email address that is subscribed, then the posting 
>> bypasses moderation.
> I am registered on gmane...

I use gmane too. Go ahead and subscribe to the wine-users list, and once 
you confirm your subscription, go to the options page mentioned in the 
confirmation, which you can also get to here:
Scroll down and there you can turn off mail delivery.

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