[Wine] Poor Printing Options under WINE

Stephen stephanos at writeme.com
Thu Oct 11 14:15:11 CDT 2007

Dear All

I have installed several applications under WINE (0.9.46, Mandriva 2007-0).

I have tried to print via these applications but I have been surprised 
at the lack of printer options available.

File > Print > and File > Print > Properties did not reveal any options 
to print some or selected pages and no quality options such as draft.

All I had was the option of Page Size and Landscape/Portrait

I read the on-line user guide:
   "3.3.4. Printers
    Wine can interact directly with the local CUPS
    printing system to find the printers available
    on your system. Configuring printers with Wine
    is as simple as making sure your CUPS configuration
    works. Wine still needs the command lpr(from CUPS),
    when printing a Document.

    If you do not use CUPS, the old BSD-Printing system
    is used: s
     * All Printers from /etc/printcap are installed automatically
       in Wine.
     * Wine needs a PPD-File for every Printer (generic.ppd comes
       with Wine)
     * The command lpr is called when printing a Document

but that did not tell me anything that I understood.  I did get the 
impression that I was supposed to print using the command line so as to 
give WINE the lpr command.
Is this true?
If so what do I type at the command line?

I do lots of printing from OpenOffice and the CUPS driver for my printer 
gives me all the options the printer has.

Thanks and wait to hear


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