[Wine] wineprefixcreate ?

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Oct 17 06:46:52 CDT 2007

On Wednesday October 17 2007 03:46, Dan Sawyer wrote:
> wineprefixcreate does not create a working registry.

	What do you mean here exactly? I never seen cases where wineprefixcreate 
created non-working registry. Maybe you mean that it doesn't update *already* 
existing registry?

> The system had a 
> working set of .wine .reg files however installs of office2k failed.

	"Working" != "correct". In other words if some applications do work that 
doesn't mean that others will work too. Don't forget that regressions in 
particular WINE version may cause bugs too so failing installation of Office 
2000 doesn't mean that your registry is bad. You need to try with clean WINE 
prefix directory and if installation works with clean WINE prefix and do not 
work with your old one then there are big chance that this is because 
of "dirty" or broken registry.

> I then saved .wine and rebuilt it with wineprefixcreate. After this the
> original applications did not work. Is wineprefixcreate supposed to
> succeed at this?

	According to its manual it should update wine prefix directory correctly. In 
practice this isn't the case: sometimes it works correctly, sometimes not. I 
think this should be fixed before 1.0 release.
	(Please note that my opinion about high possibility of incorrect update by 
wineprefixcreate is based on others experience. Personally I never tried to 
use wineprefixcreate for that purpose. I only use it for creating clean WINE 
prefix directories.)

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