[Wine] Civ IV

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Oct 23 03:09:31 CDT 2007

On Tuesday October 23 2007 07:44, Joe Auty wrote:
> My only remaining question relates to how to get Wine apps to play out
> of my USB speakers? They are detected under the ALSA driver in winecfg,
> I'm just unsure as to how to tell Wine to actually use them?

	Well, if it is detected as ALSA device it should work. In fact WINE don't 
know anything about your speakers: it only know about OSS/ALSA devices. Try 
in winecfg to use OSS if ALSA doesn't work. But if you have ALSA driver both 
of them should work for you (I assume you have OSS emulation in your ALSA 
	If nothing helps please provide more information. Are you sure you unmuted 
all necessary channels? Can you get sound from other applications in your 
system? If yes are you sure that they use ALSA and not OSS emulation? Does 
OSS working in WINE for you (run winecfg and uncheck ALSA and check OSS 

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