[Wine] Question on preparing WINE

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Oct 23 11:27:47 CDT 2007

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On Tuesday October 23 2007 15:29, Jeffrey Cobb wrote:
> Unfortunately for me it's hard to find the time to sit down and figure
> things out in Linux.  Ironically I started using Linux to get away from
> Windows.  The cost of MS products is getting higher and the Linux
> community has made Linux considerably easier to impliment over the years
> so I just switched.

	Personally I switched few years ago to Linux just because Windows wasn't 
worked for me good enough: technically (too slow after some months of use, 
unstable, etc.) and economically (cost of Windows programs is too high and 
cheap stolen Windows programs put a legal risks). By switching to Linux I was 
able to get rid of most Windows programs and even found better alternatives. 
But unfortunately there is still some Windows programs that I need. Most of 
them work with WINE today (situation was much worse for me few years ago). 
But even now there is still some programs that doesn't work with WINE (that's 
recent versions of 3ds max and AutoCAD). As a workaround I'm using VMWare 
(VirtualBox with Seamless mode is good free alternative today).
	In fact, everything in Linux works as I want except WINE. I'm professional 
programmer but unfortunately I have too little free time to send patches 
often and in fact it took about two years for me "to find the time to sit 
down and figure things out in Linux". Because of lack of time WINE is the 
only free software project where I'm participating today.
	Just my short personal story...

> It's interesting to note that wine-users reference to "regression
> testing" has increased considerably to that of two years ago when I
> first subscribed to this list.  Although it's a little difficult for a
> newbie to get the hang of at least it's a system that allows for faster
> progress in the development of WINE.
> I'm certain I'll find the time to sit down and figure out how to do
> regression testing so I can contribute to it's development.  Even if it
> happens to be the ONLY thing I manage to contribute to Linux.

	Yeah, I understand what you talking about. Of course for newbie first 
regression testing may took more time than usually: to setup everything 
properly and download wine source with git tree, read the howto and so on. 
But this isn't too bad because it give you useful knowledge and all other 
regression tests will took very little time (especially if you have moder 
	Anyway, thanks for using WINE.

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