[Wine] CHM help not working

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Thu Oct 25 03:53:51 CDT 2007

On Thursday October 25 2007 07:21, Ross Levis wrote:
> I wonder why it works in some apps and not others.  I just used Microsoft
> HTML Workshop to create the CHM file.  It is a very basic format.
> You mention loading an external CHM viewer, well I would be very happy with
> that.  I also wouldn't mind terribly if the selected chapter did not appear
> based on the window that is loaded.  The user would have to navigate to the
> correct chapter but it's better than nothing.
> I have considered somehow detecting that the program is running under Linux
> or Wine and simply executing an external CHM viewer, but I'm not exactly
> sure how to do that.  Surely it would be a simple thing to do in the Wine
> code.

	Don't do this! Detecting WINE is very bad practice! In fact, if you can 
detect WINE, this is a bug to be fixed. Relying on bugs is very bad practice. 
You can give user a choice during installation for example; this is of course 
dirty workaround but much better than trying to "detect WINE".

> I can't help with the code as I don’t program in any flavour of C.

	You can help with writing a bug report. Please visit http://bugs.winehq.org 
and create a bug report. Provide following information:

	1) Your version of WINE.
	2) Program where you see the bug (its name, its version and URL where a trial 
or full version can be downloaded, if any).
	3) Anything useful information related to bug report. For example if you know 
on what language the program in question was written, this is useful. If you 
can write in this language very simple test program (with just "help" button 
in menu or in its window in your case) that shows the problem - this is even 
better. If you have an access to source code this is very simple to achieve: 
just copy code related to invocation of help window and paste it to very 
simple program with almost empty help file; then attach in bug report both 
source and binary for you little test program. If you can do this your bug 
most likely will be fixed much faster. Please note that all information I'm 
talking about in this paragraph is optional; if you cannot provide it, 
information mentioned in 1 and 2 is enough for proper bug report and this 
will took just a few minutes.

	Also please note that most developers don't read wine-users mailing list so 
it is very important to tell developers about problem by filling bug report 
as I described above if you want to get your bug fixed.
	Thanks for using WINE.

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