[Wine] serial port problems: micro flashing

Detlef Riekenberg wine-users at web.de
Fri Oct 26 10:51:35 CDT 2007

On Do, 2007-10-25 at 10:10 -0700, bioe007list at hotmail.com wrote:
> 0009:trace:comm:dump_dcb bytesize=8 baudrate=2400 fParity=0 Parity=0
> stopbits=1

This looks like a communication Problem:
The serial Port is using 2400 baud.

Was GetDefaultCommConfig called? (You stripped to much from the log)

Wine has the Problem, that the serial configuration is still saved
in the win98 format (complete DCB) and location.

Changing the default serial configuration might help:
You need a native printui.dll from w2k or above
(tested with printui.dll from w2k and xp) and run
   wine rundll32.exe printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /s /t1

Select your Port and then "Configure Port ..."

For the real fix, dlls/serialui/confdlg.c needs an update

By by ... Detlef

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