[Wine] Anyone compiled a 64 bit version from source??

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Oct 30 04:41:14 CDT 2007

On Tuesday October 30 2007 07:18, Michael D. Johnson wrote:
> 64 bit OS's run 32 bit applications.  Wine is a 32 bit application as
> far as the OS is concerned. You can even have mixed mode programs where
> some libraries are 64 bit and others are 32 bit.  Both Intel and AMD
> make this seamless and invisible to the user.  The trick is to link the
> right libraries at the right time.  The makefile has to know when it
> needs to specifically call for the 32 bit library.   So yes, it is
> possible and if you look at the winehq site you will see several people
> have done it.

	64-bit distros are very popular today and there is a lot of people who have 
32-bit WINE installed with no problems - typically precompiled package. 
Compiling 32-bit WINE on 64-bit distro also isn't a problem in most distros.

> My problem appears to be not with identifying the 32 bit vs 64 bit
> libraries but calls to the GLUT library.  The GLUT library provided by
> SUSE does not have the calls that wine is hunting for and since there
> are only about 70 different makes of the GLUT library, I need to know
> which one they have been using so I can correct the library in my system.
> Until that gets fixed, not even the precompiled version will run without
> a GPF.

	This is how I understood your problem. Either:

	1) Your version of SUSE have too old library or...
	2) Your version of SUSE have a broken library.

	Is this correct? Only thing that WINE can fix is detect too old or broken 
library at configure time. Everything else is up to maintainers of particular 
package for particular distro.
	I have 64-bit old Debian Etch (downloaded when Etch was in the testing 
branch) and modern WINE is working fine there - even precompiled 32-bit 
packages with newest WINE work correctly without any additional effort.
	If you need more help, please provide terminal output with errors.
	Thank you for using WINE.

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