[Wine] Unhandled page fault

Pedro Araújo inckie at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 08:22:29 CDT 2007

Austin English wrote:
> How did you install wine, did you build from source or install a
> binary package? If you built from source, make sure that you have all
> needed dependencies when compiling, use
> ./configure --verbose to determine that. If using a binary, you'll
> still need any necessary dependencies, though this depends on the o/s
> & distribution.
> What o/s is this?

I've been regularly building Wine from the git sources ever since I
started working with it. The odd part is that this had always worked
fine until last week (can't recall the exact day it started freezing,

Yesterday I got something, though: I tried running wineprefixcreate
via ssh, and it went through and created the prefix successfully. But
when I ran it locally and then ran top via ssh, I saw wineprefixcreate
was using 95%+ CPU and I had to remotely kill it.

I've seen similar complaints in some forums, many of them related to a
certain Via UniChrome graphics card, one of which I happen to have in
my machine. Could that be a cause?

Ah, yes, my operating system is Ubuntu 7.10.

- Pedro.

"Compatibility means deliberately repeating other people's mistakes."
(David J. Wheeler)

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