[Wine] Unhandled page fault

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Oct 30 11:18:20 CDT 2007

	Don't forget to answer to the list.

On Tuesday October 30 2007 15:46, Dan Sawyer wrote:
> ./configure --verbose produces no errors. It does not identify packages.

	Actually, ./configure --verbose just produces warning *at the end* about what 
packages you need. If there is none then you have all necessary packages 

> It does produces many 'no' lines, listed below. How can required
> packages be determined from this?

	Strange, is this full terminal output from ./configure --verbose? It is too 
short. Try to run:

make distclean
./configure --verbose

	Output from last command should be longer and should create a lot of 
Makefiles at the end. If there is no errors, run this:

make depend && \
make all && \
sudo make install;

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