[Wine] Japanese menu on widget are garbled (mojibake)

Akihiro Moriguchi amoriguchi at y4.dion.ne.jp
Tue Oct 30 13:27:00 CDT 2007


I have problem that menus on windows soft under wine are garbled 

I'm Japanese and I've just started to use wine under CentOS5 because I 
want to
use English-Japanese dictionary viewing software.

Installing wine is fine both English and Japanese locale where wine 
related soft
displays Japanese correctly even on menus.
But my dictionary viewing soft under wine has garbled menu, but 
bottons are
displayed fine.

To correct the problem, I tried to install windows multilingalization 
package that
I accidentaly have, but probably failed installing because error reports
"blah blah blah        deferred   userenv<elf>" a lot lines or somthing.
And I also don't know how to change language enviornment without controll
panel, maybe some registory key?

If someone know how to display multi byte character menus on widget,
could you tell me a direction.

I tested locales ja_JP.eucjp, ja_JP.sjis and ja_JP.utf8 when start wine.

Thanks in advance.

Akihiro Moriguchi

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