[Wine] usb support in wine/linux

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Wed Oct 31 14:17:51 CDT 2007

> Or that they aren't too close-minded. If you need USB support, and VBox is
> free, why not to use it? no offense...
For example, because they don't distribute binaries for my platform. I'm not
using any common distro, I'm maintaining my private one from 1994. Because
I'm compiling all by myself, sometimes there is a binary incompatibility
between me and the other distros. I don't use a lot of libraries commonly
used today (pam, hal...) because I don't trust them or I don't like them.
It's all about freedom - I can do it as I want. But of course it has
consequences and problems running foreign binaries is one of them.

With regards, Pavel Troller

P.S. of course I'm compiling wine regularly every week or two - and even on
64bit edition of my distro it goes perfectly and it's also perfectly working!

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