[Wine] wine-0.9.48 and timezone?

Gus Wirth gwirth79 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 21:39:53 CDT 2007

Rick Stanback wrote:
> First I would like to thank all the wine developers and testers,  it has 
> really come a long way.  I have been running Lotus notes 7 under wine 
> for quite a while now and just today I noticed that my calendar is off 
> by 1 hour.  It appears that under wine it is getting the timezone wrong 
> or adjusting on the old schedule?  When I ran the same version of notes 
> under windows (via vmware) it show the correct calendar times.  Just 
> wondering if anyone else is seeing this and if there is some registry 
> setting or something we can check?  I haven't tried reverting to an 
> older version of wine yet.

Are you located in the US? Congress messed with Daylight Savings Time
(DST) and it won't kick into effect until next weekend. Are you sure you
aren't seeing a problem with the DST settings?


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