[Wine] WINE

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Fri Sep 7 22:05:43 CDT 2007

On Saturday September 8 2007 01:25, JB Brennion wrote:
> "Is it a problem with installation, or with running windows programs in
> wine, or what ?"
> No way to tell. Wine icon is not on my machine and NO windows programs
> work.

	There is always way to tell. Why not to try to run wine from the X shell? 
Without this no one will help you because you have provided no useful 
information about your problem.
	Run something like konsole, xterm or any alternative you like and type "wine 
notepad" and press enter and see what happens. If it is working then WINE is 
OK. If not, you installation is broken. In last case read help or FAQ for 
your distribition, in first case cd to the directory with Windows program you 
like to run and try it too. If it doesn't work but notepad does, then we will 
see how we can you help you if you provide us your terminal output with 

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