[Wine] everquest and an inverted screen

Gregg Jensen g_jensen at swbell.net
Sat Sep 8 08:28:26 CDT 2007

I am trying to get the original Everquest up and running on the latest wine.  I have it installed and the patcher runs just fine, and can launch into the game.  However, from the character select screen on, the graphic screen is inverted (ie, upside down). Since this is the first time I have tried anything with wine, and 
 literally I put the CD in, had wine install it and then ran it (OK, so I had to give it the file d9d9x_30.dll first).  That is no options, just blindly started it.  So, I assume that others have gone down this path, but I haven't seen recent postings about running Everquest. Maybe there are other options that I am supposed to be using that are not apparent for a wine newbie.  Any one actually running  this 
 version (ie, EQ 1 not 2) on a regular basis?
 If it is pertinent, I am running this on kubuntu feisty fawn, with ATI 
 x600 with the open source drivers, not running beryl at the time of 
 running wine (using latest binary version 0.9.44) 
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