[Wine] I think I figured out how to get wine to run the .net framework very well

Pomeroy Lab admin at mindblowingidea.com
Sat Sep 15 15:37:34 CDT 2007

I have recently heard about the silverlight project. The silverlight project is a plugin released by Microsoft for Linux that allows the use of .Net based apps on Linux. My only disagreement with using this plugin is the fact that Microsoft has been accessing XP and Vista systems without permission and changing software as stated by ZDnet. They call it Stealth Updating. Anyway that does not mean we can't use this code. It's under the GPL so we should be able to take it apart, analyze it, and put it back together in Wine so that if you install our silverlight plugin in Firefox installed on wine you should be able to fool Silverlight into thinking it's on Windows. We don't want windows updates and we don't want genuine advantage or any information about us being sent back to activate a product like Office 2007 so that means that we should take steps to firewall Wine against silverlight information being sent to Microsoft or any Microsoft information that is unnecessary. It
 may sound complicated but I think it's the best thing to do. Let me know what you think.
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