[Wine] Wine does not start apps when connected to a Windows network

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at zalewski.pl
Sat Sep 15 16:44:35 CDT 2007

  You should try to get a stack backtrace of the programs when they are 
  - start a program and wait until it hangs
  - on a different console type "winedbg"
  - if even winedbg hangs then you have a problem. If not then type 
"info process"
  - find the process id of the process that is hanging and attach the 
debugger to it: "attach 0x<num>" (the ids in "info process" are in hex 
so that's why the 0x is needed. This is a different thing than the Linux 
  - type "info thread" to check how many threads have the program
  - type "bt 0x<tid>" for each thread of the hanged program (where tid 
is the thread id you have found with info thread)
  Such a backtrace could give some more details what's happening.

Mikołaj Zalewski

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