[Wine] TMG -- MS Visual Foxpro errors

Gary Gauthier gary.gauthier at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 16 15:05:29 CDT 2007

Hi Donald;

Saw your post on the Wine message-board on installing TMG under Wine.
I'm trying it under Darwine on an iMAC.
Could you tell me how you got it to run?
The message-board goes back-and-forth so many times that I seem to be 
getting lost.
I can get to the point at which I get the following message:

Welcome to Darwin!
gary-gauthiers-computer:~ garygauthier$ WINEDLLOVERRIDES="ole32=n" 
$WINE  /Users/garygauthier/Desktop/DCOM98.EXE
-bash: /Users/garygauthier/Desktop/DCOM98.EXE: Permission denied
gary-gauthiers-computer:~ garygauthier$

I presume it's a permission problem, but I am running as a super-user.


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