[Wine] ASPI support?

Joshua Newton wine at standingduck.net
Wed Sep 19 21:50:03 CDT 2007

I've consulted the archives insofar as possible, but I can't ascertain
the status of ASPI support in WINE.  Basically, I'm trying to get CD/DVD
Speed ( http://www.cdspeed2000.com/ ) to work, because thus far I'm not
seeing any Linux tools that will do media testing (C1/C2 error rates and

I *think* the only relevant entry is: "fixme:aspi:ASPI_ExecScsiCmd
Failed" (not terribly informative).  From the rest of the error log, it
looks like cdspeed.exe is attempting to enumerate devices, and WINE's
saying that none of them exist.  cdspeed.exe eventually produces the
error message "No CD-ROM drives found" and exits.

I've got /dev/hdc mapped as a CD-ROM device thru winecfg, and I tried
tossing wnaspi32.dll into ../system32 to see if that would improve
anything.  There doesn't appear to be an ntaspi entry in winecfg to
define a redirect for.

All thoughts appreciated.

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