[Wine] Problem with FlexLM licensing

Duane Clark fpga at pacbell.net
Fri Sep 28 12:36:41 CDT 2007

Paul Jackson wrote:
> Xavier Bestel wrote:
>>> Any ideas? Are there any known problems with running flex-licensed apps?
>> I have no idea, but I know for sure that ModelSim has a linux version
>> (32 and 64 bits). Why don't you try this instead ?
> The simple answer is that the Linux versions cost twice as much (>$20K); 
> Mentor views the Linux market as the professional market.

Yes, very annoying isn't it. That is a lot even for people using it
professionally. That is why I recently switched to Aldec  ;)

> However, the 
> software's identical. The more complex answer is that I'm actually 
> trying to install the free MXE-III version, which is still licensed, and 
> there's no Linux equivalent. This is actually the last step in getting 
> all the Xilinx development tools onto Linux; the rest of it just runs 
> natively now.
> I now think the issue is actually that I'm not running a license daemon 
> anywhere. When I run the Mentor diagnostics, I think that 'diagnose' 
> actually runs up Flex's 'lmgrd'. However, when I try to run modelsim 
> itself, I think that it expects a daemon to be running already. That's 
> my current theory, anyway. However, I'm not convinced yet that the 
> Windows version of this software actually requires any daemons to be 
> running.

There is almost always a vendor deamon required. With an old version of
Modelsim (though a Linux version) my license file has lines like:

FEATURE hdlcom_c mgcld 2000.100 06-may-2008 0 4C3846162AB9929C7B66

The "mgcld" is the Mentor license deamon. However, I do not need to run
the license server daemon before running Modelsim. I think it will
attempt to run the daemon itself if it can. Also, I notice that what
eventually gets run is mgls_asynch, which is what actually handles the
license. I am guessing that mgcld runs mgls_asynch. But that is just a

Of course, all that is on Linux, but I expect similar behavior on Windows.

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