[Wine] Problem with FlexLM licensing

Paul Jackson sa212+wine at cyconix.com
Fri Sep 28 16:19:28 CDT 2007

What I've found out so far:

- modelsim uses vlm.exe for licensing; it doesn't appear to run up lmgrd 
(confirmed on Windows task manager)

- vlm.exe is not used by the license diagnostics tools (Modelsim's 
'diagnose' or the lmutil tools)

- you can't use a Linux license. The MXE license is special in some way; 
it only has a single feature line. When lmgrd checks a license on Linux 
it expects SERVER and DAEMON lines as well

- there's a new licensing wizard in the 6.2i download (wizard.exe). This 
isn't the program that's run on Windows when you do a "Start -> ModelSim 
-> Licensing Wizard"; that actually runs diagnose.exe. wizard.exe is 
described as beta, and does nothing on Windows (apart from seeming to 
leave a zombie hanging around). wizard.exe doesn't like the license 
file; it appears to be expecting a normal paid-for license. diagnose.exe 
does like the license file, but that doesn't help.

- vlm doesn't give any useful information about why it's quitting, and 
strace doesn't help. A window does appear to pop up briefly, but there 
doesn't seem to be a log anywhere. The output message is "Fatal: Invalid 
license environment. Application closing." 'strings' confirms that this 
message is in vlm. This message also disappears if vlm is deleted.

- vlm.exe can't be run stand-alone; it complains that it has to be 
started from the sim kernel.

- My guess (from 'strings') is that vlm was written by Certicom 
(www.certicom.com), who do security software.

That's it. I'm getting nowhere fast, so I'll give up unless anyone has 
any bright ideas. It looks like Wine can't run vlm.exe.


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