[Wine] Forum vs Mailing lists - by the numbers

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Wed Apr 2 10:37:30 CDT 2008

So, if we look at January, the last month without the forum:
we had 226 posts.

If we look at March, the first full month with the forum:
we had 2136 posts.

Even if you say that 1,000 of those posts were meta posts with complaints from
us Mailman lovers, that's still at least a 5 fold increase in traffic.

I found that compelling, so I thought I would share.

I've long had a strong bias for mailing lists, but I think this
is an important lesson for me to accept.  If we want to engage and
embrace all visitors to Wine - not just the ones that think as I do -
we need to make sure the forums are strong and work well.

Sigh.  First Wikis, now forums.  What's next?  Am I going to have to twitter
and text message with my thumbs?  </grumpy old man>



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