[Wine] Re: Wine menu in Windows application

Timeout wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 3 01:03:26 CDT 2008

It was the nighty of 29.03. I don't know which version.

It must be quite new because 0.9.56 is not showing it, however it's much more unstable.

Other points menu items menu are probably coming from Word because if you unroll them, they have the same entries as Word and the macros when using Word (this I will only know when Word won't throw an error when loading the template). The menu "Workbench" is the list of the macros of the template, only showing as symbols.

This menu is however not seen anywhere else.

What I am missing most is the save as.. function.
Although you can click on the "save" icon, save as missing means that one can't give a name or that the bilingual text has to be cleaned in Workbench and can't be directly saved.

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