[Wine] Re: Wine Re-Installation Issues: No menus or .wine being created

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 3 22:21:19 CDT 2008

Unlimited wrote:
> I recently had to remove wine after it became cluttered with software that would not uninstall fully (no matter what I did) and series of other issues. When I removed wine ("yum remove wine") I decided to wait for my repositories to get the .58 update.  In the meantime I backed up what I wanted and deleted the .wine folder and menu entries in gnome by hand.
> Today I installed wine again and nothing seems to be working properly.  a new .wine and accompanying drive_c, etc. folders are not being created. None of the proper menu entries are showing up in the gnome menu either. Typing the "wine" command in console reveals the rest of the package installed fine.
> How can I get wine to set up everything properly again? Did I miss something in the removal that is causing these issues?
> I'm running on Fedora 8

To create ~/.wine directory run 'wineprefixcreate'.

If you don't have Wine's own menu entries, like winecfg, notepad, etc - ask the person who made the old Wine package. Those links are not part of vanilla Wine and all packages that come from this site don't create them. Of course you can run those programs directly from terminal or 'run command' menu.

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