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jay pee jaypee1701 at yahoo.ca
Thu Apr 3 20:06:15 CDT 2008

I used to have Cool Edit Pro (i was working with multisessions like crazy, it's a great tool) but i don't remember the number of my version at that time and my version was loading and reading MP3 but i lost to a virus my laptop. Now i'm looking 4 help, i bought Cool Édit Pro V1.2 from e Bay and i got a message from it like this: 
  error 126 Loading FLT File Ra3.flt
  so i don't know what to do and on top of it it this version don't read MP3...
  Can you help me by7 first telling me what version do you think i used to have(the one that reads MP3). Thanks a lot for your time.

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