[Wine] Taskbar buttons missing in Wine 0.9.59

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Sat Apr 5 22:40:58 CDT 2008

> billstei wrote:
>> More than one of my apps have no taskbar button (Wine 0.9.59 and 
>> Gnome 2.20).  Is this the same problem as bug #12362 ?
> Bill:
> You need to explain further.  Are you talking about the buttons on the 
> right corner?
> James McKenzie
billstei wrote:
> In Gnome it's the buttons in the Window List applet that are missing.
It appears to be the same problem, but please file a report with 
Bugzilla as this is Gnome and the problem report was for KDE.  It may be 
the same problem and then again, this maybe something completely different.

James McKenzie

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