[Wine] Re: Bugs not triggering if forget to run winecfg

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 7 16:51:12 CDT 2008

phual wrote:
> 1) Should winecfg still be run before installing the first app (to create the .wine directory etc.)?

No. If you don't have $HOME/.wine directory it will be created automatically by 'wineprefixcreate' when you run Wine. This is even before you get to start anything (be it winecfg or your setup.exe)

phual wrote:
> Standard procedure I used for installing the app (very simply):

Create a step-by-step procedure that can reproduce one bug at a time EVERY TIME. Add that to your bug report. Having loads of problems with no clear way to reproduce them doesn't help developers to fix the problem.

As a workaround indicated in the bug report use tahoma.ttf from windows.

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