[Wine] Re: wine 0.59 D3D problem

hasi wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Apr 9 17:47:53 CDT 2008

I am not into games (yet?...). Anyway, I am running a dual head configuration (Xinerama, "intel" driver, Kubuntu Gutsy), and I am noticing a quite strange behavior in the Office 2003 applications (Word/PPT/Excel) that may be related: 
When I am on Screen 2, everything is normal. When I am on Screen 1, every time I click on a menu something strange happens: the menu shows up, but the entire rest of the screen goes grey. That means even the window you are working on is completely disappearing. When the menu closes, everything goes back to normal. 
Under Xinerama, only one of the two screens is OpenGL-capable. I just confirmed using glxgears that this is actually Screen 2. If I go back to 0.9.58, the MS Office menus work fine on both screens. 

Is that related to what you described? (I realize that dx is not OpenGL.)

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