[Wine] Generating a properly configured Wine installation

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Apr 10 12:37:23 CDT 2008

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Austin English wrote:
| Try editing /usr/share/wine/wine.inf (may be different for your
| distribution). I just tested with a few settings, and new wine
| prefixes made take that as the default.

The fundamental problem appears to be related to USERPROFILE.

My package of Wine will be run as many different users, and it is
important that it work identically regardless of the UNIX uid of the user
running it.  I therefore used regedit to change USERPROFILE and all the
other related registry keys to point to a profile
(C:\windows\profiles\olpc) that is not consistent with the current UNIX login.

It appears that when wine starts it detects this discrepancy and favors
the UNIX username.  In the process, it also appears to be discarding my
settings for things like DPI.  In a simplified test case where I know the
username in advance and set the registry's profile directories to be
consistent with the UNIX username, the settings are preserved.

What is the proper way to run Wine with a Windows username that is
unrelated to the UNIX username?

- --Ben
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