[Wine] Re: Resolved: Unable to access Debian repository.

dirkmitt wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 14 15:01:47 CDT 2008

Of course I meant, that version 0.9.59 had not been put on the server yet. Oops. [Embarassed] 

Then again, it hasn't been put as the Etch version either, as I'm writing this... I'm just itching to see, how many GUI problems were solved! 


BTW, just so that this post doesn't bore too many people, I wanted to comment on just having noticed recently, that Debian Etch has gone an unusual path with how the maintainers implement widgets. Since under Etch, they wanted to unburden users *and* developers from the need to install "wx," "Xt," and "OSF/Motif" separately, they created subsets of each library.

Normally, an application would use one of the three libraries, but we don't always know which one.

But the subsets of these libraries are supposed to handle 'most widget calls and 3D GUI calls.' The idea that the fusion is supposed to take up less memory, also appears to be what's 'less' about 'lesstif' (instead of Motif.)

But I'm imagining, that especially with Bryce for example, it could really be a problem.

But now somebody tell me. Is this really one of the problems causing the delay?

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