[Wine] Re: Eve and morals

Timeout wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Apr 15 06:05:05 CDT 2008

Yes, if you read the diary of xxxx and you made fun of it of the comments of this diary on the Internet saying where it is coming from, you could be sued from xxx (with enough pocket money).

Also discussing the source code of a specific software officially could help the competitors of this vendor in their own code.

It doesn't come to the fact that you read it, it comes to the fact that you want do use/disclose the knowledge out of this proprietary source even for improving wine.

If the vendors want it to run it on wine, then they should send themselves the code to Wine, clear the copyright issues with the Wine developers, make a nice 4-fold contract if needed and only then Wine could officially use it.

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