[Wine] Re: Forcing DirectX 8.1?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Apr 16 07:51:10 CDT 2008

Eriond wrote:
> Hi. I'm running Debian Lenny, and I'm having a problem with Wine and playing TF2.
> I used to be able to play TF2 under DirectX 8.1 before updating to the newest version, no problems. I didn't even have to use the option -dxlevel 81, it was already set to it when I looked under video settings in TF2.
> However, with Wine 0.9.59, it seems that the DirectX that comes bundled with Wine is upgraded to 9.0. That's good! I like nothing better than to see Wine get ahead.
> But, there's a minor hiccup. Now, whenever I try to run TF2, it's stuck in DirectX 9 mode all the time (and this is unbearably slow). Regardless of whether I use -dxlevel 81 or not, it always says that my DirectX level in Team Fortress 2 is DX9, and it won't let me change it. I tried reinstalling Wine using apt, and then building 0.9.59 from scratch, but nothing seems to help.
> Anyone have any idea how I can force TF2 to run DirectX 8.1? Thanks in advance!
> Anyone have any ideas?

Where are you specifying "-dxlevel 81" option?
Also note that this option has nothing to do with the DX version, but the features that were available in specified version. TF2 is DX9 game and always will be DX9 game

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