[Wine] How to remove read access to / and my $HOME

Randall Hopper viznut at charter.net
Wed Apr 16 19:28:48 CDT 2008

Dan Kegel:

 |>  Thanks, but I'd already done that.  Inside IE6,
 |>  File->Open->Browse... still lets me walk around inside of my entire
 |>  Linux file system.
 |>  I guess the question is, how do I get rid of the "/" folder (my Linux file
 |>  system) which lives inside the top-level Desktop folder?:
 |Ohhh.  That.  Yes.
 |explain that you can disable that by deleting the registry key
 |Does that do it for you?

No, unfortunately not.  I deleted the key using regedit, brought up IE6,
still saw the / under Desktop.  Quit IE6, ran regedit, and verified that
the key was still deleted.

What am I missing?  Probably a newbie thing I'm missing somehow.



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