[Wine] downloading WINE not from a linux machine.

Paul Johnson baloo at ursine.ca
Thu Apr 17 09:53:56 CDT 2008

On Thursday 17 April 2008 06:23:53 am antemon wrote:
> I think I didn't make myself clear.
> 1.PC with ubuntu does not have an internet connection.
> 2.i figured the sudo commands over at the download page for debian had
> internet address at it, trial and errored my way around and got to
> budgetdedicated. 3.downloaded the .deb file, ran it, coughed up a
> dependency issue. 4.got a hold of the dependency issue, but that had a
> dependency issue as well.
> bactracking dependencies and their dependencies.
> I guess to say it bluntly, does anyone have a wine deb with all the
> dependencies? I don't even care if it's the latest release as the stuff
> I'll be tinkering it with is pretty old and in the DB of wine-able
> applications.

Such a thing just doesn't exist.  Even if it did exist, it would have to 
conflict with all the other packages wine is including that it normally 
depends on:  It would be an even bigger headache than chasing dependencies by 

> the other problem, the one where I might have to reinstall, was caused by
> another thing I did ( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=754848 )
> kinda related since I already had wine installed but a reinstall of ubuntu
> will wipe it out.
> I'd rather not drag the PC back to my friend's house to leech off his
> connection...

Let apt do it's thing.  For that, you will need an internet connection, or a 
relatively complete set of CDs from your distribition.  At least in the 
Debian world, you only need the first CD in the set to install if you're 
online, you only need the complete 12-odd CD set if you're installing to a 
computer with no connection.  If Ubuntu doesn't produce a CD set that 
contains all available packages, it's probably not the right distribution for 
the offline machine unless you /like/ hunting down dependencies like it's a 
Red Hat box...

Paul Johnson
baloo at ursine.ca

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