[Wine] Re: App installation trouble

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 17 13:24:28 CDT 2008

asalina wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm trying to install Digital Photo Professional from the Canon software disk that came with my 40D using WINE. To start with, the files on the CD seem to be oddly named. For example, "setup.ex.exe" in the root dir of the CD. "setup.dl.dll" in the installation dir. "install..exe" (sic) complains in a pop-up window that "setup.dll" cannot be loaded. That makes sense because the file is named "setup.dl.dll".
> I'm doing all of this from the command line in a Linux terminal window, and no other errors are reported by WINE. I can't find any help in the FAQ and the AppDB only talks about an old version of DPP. Is it normal for DLLs to be named *.dl.dll? It seems that that is the problem, yet no Windows users that I know of have complained about installation problems.
> I should note that I have very little experience with Windows as I've always used Linux instead, so I'm probably just doing something stupid.
> Thanks for any help.

Check what filesystem did you mount CD-ROM as. If it's iso9660 try UDF for example. And wise-versa.

Some companies create cd-roms that can't be properly mounted or contain incorrect FS for the media.

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