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rioting_pacifist wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Apr 19 22:38:19 CDT 2008

> The Xbox is based on commodity PC hardware and runs a stripped-down version of the Windows 2000 kernel using APIs based largely on DirectX 8.1. however, it also incorporates changes optimized for gaming and multimedia uses...

Is there any chance that wine can be made to run xbox games?
There is alot of hardware optimisation so perhaps this is impossible, unless your running wine on an xbox, or xbox like hardware:

CPU: 32-bit 733 MHz Coppermine-based Mobile Celeron in Micro-PGA2 package. 180 nm process.
    * SSE floating point SIMD. 4 single-precision floating point numbers per clock cycle.
    * MMX integer SIMD.
    * 133 MHz 64-bit GTL+ front side bus to GPU.
    * 32 KB L1 cache. 128 KB on-die L2 "Advanced Transfer Cache".

GPU and system chipset: 233 MHz "NV2A" ASIC.
    * 4 textures per pass, texture compression, full scene anti-aliasing (NV Quincunx, supersampling, multisampling)
    * Bilinear, trilinear, and anisotropic texture filtering
    * Similar to the GeForce 3 and GeForce 4 PC GPUs.

# Audio processor: NVIDIA "MCPX" (a.k.a. SoundStorm "NVAPU")
    * 64 3D sound channels (up to 256 stereo voices)
    * HRTF Sensaura 3D enhancement
    * MIDI DLS2 Support

would it be possible? for xbox-like hardware? and non xbox-like?
there is an emulator that tries to convert xbox executables to windows ones, but im not sure if their code would even be allowed into wine, so that may not be any help other than POC.
all the xbox hardware has been reverse engineered tho so perhaps people at the xbox-linux project could help.

Obviously this isn't going to be a priority, i just think that this is the sort of awesome feature that open source can provide, a program originally meant to emulate Windows 16-bit binaries, can grow to the point where it offers support for console games. Plus it could effectively fill one of the criticisms of Linux, a lack of games! Support would also be alot easier to provide ( looks at codeweaver) as xbox games dont get updates and patches and dont have CD-protection.

anyway its just a suggestion.
is it possible?
is it plausible?


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