[Wine] Re: Primus's mishaps

Primus wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 21 06:26:26 CDT 2008

jeffz wrote:
> > 2) The program i wanted to install is now half installed and is resideng among lost&found. How can I "uninstall" if I never really installed it in the first place?? 
> sounds like you might have a problem with your disk where your filesystem was corrupt if you find things in lost+found
> if you have a bad disk, it can cause "a lot of problems"

Well yes it is a old disk. But maybe I didn't put it right...
I don't find them in file Lost&Found but in my K-menu (i use Kubuntu) in KDE4 I find the whole wine under lost&found in K-menu (i think that's because of the fact that wine and KDE4 don't go along fine)
In KDE 3.5.9 Wine is under wine, but this semi installed program is under lost and found...
BTW: My main disk is 5-8 years old the other is around 5 years old (are they too old?)

Plus i remembered another problem in Warcraft 3 TFT when i want to save it reports some kind of error, I'll keep you all posted about that.

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