[Wine] Wine and NetBEUI

Plamen.Vassilev wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Apr 22 09:30:56 CDT 2008


A client of mine has this ancient software called VideoPrinter (working on Win98) and an ancient hardware that connects to the PC through both LAN cable and serial (COM) cable. I decided to give this software a try with wine 0.9.60 running on Slackware 12, kernel The software installs without problems and after adding the appropriate registry keys the COM is recognized. But the software complains that it cannot find a NetBEUI-enabled network interface, and there is indeed none. I googled around for a while, searching for a clue how to enable NetBEUI support for linux, but the information in links was vague and rather old. Large amount of links explained that Samba's NetBIOS encapsulates NetBEUI frames over TCP/IP etc; but I was unable to find how to bind a NetBEUI protocol ot a NIC so that the application on wine can make use of it. So I am aware that the problem (at this stage) is probably not wine related yet, but I was hoping that someone with enough knowledge could shed some light on this problem. And if there is a way to bind NetBEUI to the network interface, do I need some special wine tweaking to get the software running? 

Thank you for your time.


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