[Wine] Re: Testing basic direct x capability

qwertymn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Apr 25 12:58:42 CDT 2008

>I would also like to see a good way to test DirectX. The problem with dxdiag >is that it does not seem to work without installing MS DirectX and then >setting a whole bunch of dll overrides. Of course, there are those who ask, >"Why would you do something as stupid as installing DirectX?" The obvious >is answer is "Duh. To get a diagnostic program to run." If there were a >diagnostic that didn't crash without MS DirectX it would help a lot.

I guess wine just needs a builtin dxdiag.exe.
 Reason 1: to test simple DirectX capability
 Reason 2: Some windows applications, like GameZone test explixitely for the presence of dxdiag.exe in c:\windows\system32\, and fail miserabily to run, if it's not found.

Actually my plan is to look into this, if i have some free time, and see if i can make patch that adds a simple dxdiag.exe to wine. Shouldn't be to difficult. To be continued.

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