[Wine] No internet connection with Opera and Safari

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Sun Apr 27 19:08:17 CDT 2008

vitamin skrev:
> operate wrote:
>> You are right, if I use the IP address instead of the domain, they work.
>> I don't know what package you are talking about... I googled and found "ia32 Suite", is this it ?
> Can't find it myself. Debian package maintainer Ove said he will add that as a requirement.

I can't, libnss-mdns isn't my package so I can't do anything about it 
myself, other than warn the users. It doesn't make sense to have Wine 
itself depend on lib32nss-mdns either, as Wine does not need the 
functionality in it. If libnss-mdns isn't installed in the first place, 
Wine works.

In the 0.9.60 package, I've replaced the now-removed winelauncher with a 
simple script that checks whether the user has a broken resolver, and 
puts up a warning if so, telling the user to install the missing package.

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