[Wine] Re: The source file wineinstall needs translation

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Apr 30 19:28:09 CDT 2008

shakaran wrote:
> Hello, I have compiled the source of wine for the first time but I had not installed any package as flex and I get an error message.
> This error only showed that you must install the package, but in English and would rather useful for people who compiles for the first time, appeared in their language.
> You simply could detect the language before starting to compile a file and include constant depending on the language detected.
> I could translate the entire file wineinstall Spanish.
> You could make that change (at least in the file wineinstall) to facilitate understanding the user?
> Thank you

Usually translation of development related text is lagging way behind or just absent. If you are a developer at a minimum you are expected to know English. Most information available on programming is written in English only.

If you are a user who attempting to compile Wine you should consider using precompiled binaries for your distro instead.

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