[Wine] How to run a Paradox Game (Victoria/HoI2: Doomsday)

hashbangslashwin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 8 04:00:10 CDT 2008

Does anyone know how to do this, I've copied both DD/Arma and Ricky to a directory in my home folder, and try to run it with a command:

wine '/home/myaccount/.wine_c/program files/paradox/doomsday/doomsday.exe'

But i just get errors saying things like "Can't find country.csv" etc.

I had installed both games on my windows machine, and simply copied the install directories directly to my Sabayon linux machine, I didn't install from scratch into Wine as I thought that likely to cause more complecations, these games run with no probs if you do that windows to windows.

Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

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