[Wine] Re: Wine and Gnome menus...

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 11 18:36:41 CDT 2008

mdevour wrote:
> There seems to be some mechanism in place in the Debian implementation of Wine under Gnome that attempts to create menu entries for the Wine configuration and Uninstall programs and any installed Wine applications in the main Gnome Applications menu. I say "attempts" because it's buggy as heck.

Please be specific what didn't work? If you let Wine do everything it works in 99% cases. If you try and start "editing" something without knowing what you doing - the chances are pretty good you'll break it.

mdevour wrote:
> Instead, only the Uninstall applet showed up and there was no entry for the program itself.

How do you know what should be there? Did you checked under windows? Also have you verified that installation actually exited? Wine will wait until install is complete to create some icons. And sometimes installers hang.

mdevour wrote:
> It turns out that the very nice menu editor for the Gnome menus, a program called Alecarte, does not even display the Wine sub-menu that was created and updated during the installation of wine and subsequent applications.

You should report this bug to creators of this program. Wine follows XDG standard when creating menu entries. If it doesn't work with your menu editor - it's not standard complaint.

mdevour wrote:
> Installing that version tells me that the creation of nice, tidy gnome menu entries is not within the scope of the Wine project itself. Is that correct?

You probably missunderstood that part. Wine can and does create correct menu and desktop entries for every installed program. In the same way they would appear on windows. And it works in most cases.

However vanilla Wine does not create any entries for itself (ex: winecfg, notepad, winefile, etc).

Also note that Wine does not remove menu/desktop entries on program uninstall. http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10277

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