[Wine] Re: Wine and Multicore Processors

jeffz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 12 06:30:06 CDT 2008

thom_raindog wrote:
> Trying to solve the problem of choppiness and stuttering on LotrO I wonder:
> Someone mentioned turning off multiprocessor usage for LotrO as a solution. I use an AMD64 on gentoo 64 bit. What would I need to do to make wine run LotrO on just one core, or, does it do that by default anyway, in which case: How do I set it to use both to test if that helps?
> Can anyone chip in there?

You need to set the affinity mask for the Wine process so that it only runs on 1 cpu, you can use a tool called schedtool, once you build or install it you run it as:

cd ~/.wine/path/to/lotro
~/schedtool-1.2.10/schedtool -a 0x1 -e wine lotro.exe

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