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> In Windows, does MagicISO add itself to the menu?  I think (I could be
> wrong) that winemenubuilder reads what the app would insert into the Windows
> menu and translates that into a Gnome or KDE menu entry, but if the app
> doesn't add a menu entry for itself in Windows, Wine couldn't do it either.
> Have you tried installing any other programs in Wine to see if they get
> added to the Gnome menu?
> The one other thing I can think of is, have you manually added any entries
> directly under Wine in the menu hierarchy (rather than using the convoluted
> array of submenus it like to create)?  I found that in KDE  doing that has
> prevented Wine from ever adding another entry to my menu. (Which is fine
> with me; I never wanted all that crap in my menus anyway.)
> *************************************
After a lot of frustration, this is what I've found. Running Wine 1.0 from

First: Alacarte is severly non-functional in several areas, trying to modify
entries is very difficult to impossible. This is Gnome's fault. Don't bother
to try.

Second: Gnome menus are standard complient, Alacarte is the problem.

Third: Wine menu entries will sometimes add by doing the following.
1) Start a root terminal and type "update-menus"
2) Do the same from a normal terminal logged in to the user that runs Wine.
3) As crazy as it sounds - reboot.
4) Recognise that this may not work for some entries, there may be no
current fix.

Forth: BSD is supposed to have a workable menu editor for Gnome, but I don't
know if there is an Etch port. If you look, find one, and it works, please
let us know.

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