[Wine] I WANT to be a wine user.

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 18 07:12:46 CDT 2008

>      I spent time this weekend trying to compile wine on my home computer.  The machine is a Sun Microsystems X86 box running Solaris 10 operating system.  I have the freeware including gmake and gcc installed and in the path.
>I managed to get ./configure to run, but had to use --exclude-network-build and --exclude-pp-build or something like that to make it work.
>make depend && make comes to a halt, saying something about not being able to find git.  I downloaded the git package from Sun and installed it in /usr/local.  The files seem to reside in /usr/local/bin, so I added that to the path, but still no luck.
>Can anyone help me with this problem?
>TIA, Colin Sharpe.

Hi, Colin. 
I'm just another wine user (not a developer) and have never used Solaris, but I think you are missing dependency packages, whatever the configure script says. 
If you were a Debian user, you would first run as root:

  apt-get build-dep wine wine-dev

That your Solaris does not find git is odd, but I am wondering about putting it in /usr/local. With Ubuntu, git goes in /home/myname/wine-git. 

I'm sorry I'm not of more help.

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