[Wine] I WANT to be a wine user.

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+win at mega-nerd.com
Mon Aug 18 07:35:50 CDT 2008

Colin Sharpe wrote:

>       I spent time this weekend trying to compile wine on my home
> computer.  The machine is a Sun Microsystems X86 box running Solaris
> 10 operating system.

In my experience, Solaris is a decent OS for servers, but makes a poor
desktop workstation in comparison to any of the major Linux distros.

The other problem is that Wine is developed mainly by people running
Linux and MacOSX. There are probably few people running it on Solaris
which means it may not run as well as you might expect. It may not
even compile.

>  I have the freeware including gmake and gcc installed and in the path.

Its not freeware, regardless of where you download it from (ie sunfreeware
or whatever) its Free Software or Open Source software. See:


> I managed to get ./configure to run, but had to use --exclude-network-build
> and --exclude-pp-build or something like that to make it work.
> make depend && make comes to a halt, saying something about not being able
> to find git.

You shouldn't need git to install wine from the source tarball. Can you
post about 10-20 lines of the actual error message?

>  I downloaded the git package from Sun and installed it in /usr/local.

Last time I used Solaris, the free software downloadable from SUN was
usually badly out of date. 

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